Extracurricular Programs

* Extracurricular Programs is irregular subject which is operated by department in university.
* It can be used for various ways such as compulsory education and online workshop. (Inquiry about Extracurricular Programs : Education Innovation Research Team Ext.8809)

Year Course name Professor Register
2021 Social Work Field Practicum Orientation & Guidelines for a Statement of Purpose EN JUNG SHON admission
2021 - admission
2021 - Im Hae Sung admission
2021 2021학년도 2학기 일반대학원 종합시험 자가진단문진표 최혜연 admission
2021 - 서지해 admission
2021 _ admission
2021 - 최혜연 admission
2021 2021 fall semester TOPIK mock test 김효정, 박현정, 김혜성, Jin Xiang, 이정림 admission
2021 - 김순미, Chung Chiyoung admission
2021 Disability awareness improvement education 박민욱 admission
2021 An survey of customer satisfaction in higher education Park Hyun Cheoul admission
2021 Introduction of the Improper Solicitation and Graft Act LEE JEONG HYANG admission
2021 2021 fall semester mid-term exam(intermediate2) 김보현, 조자영 admission
2021 2021 fall semester mid-term exam(intermediate1) 장미선, 박은영, Jin Xiang admission
2021 2021 fall semester mid-term exam(beginner2) 장지연, 주미희, 권민정, 윤지현 admission