Extracurricular Programs

* Extracurricular Programs is irregular subject which is operated by department in university.
* It can be used for various ways such as compulsory education and online workshop. (Inquiry about Extracurricular Programs : Education Innovation Research Team Ext.8809)

Year Course name Professor Register
2024 2024 Prevention of Over-Dependence on Smartphones for Students Lee Hyun Sook admission
2024 2024 Life Respect Education Lee kyung jin admission
2024 2024 Duksung Stepping Stone for Major Selection LEE SOOJIN admission
2024 2024 Deokseong IiRUM Preparatory University LEE SOOJIN admission
2024 2024학년도 1학기 이해와소통세미나 워크숍 자료(2024.01.15) 박다예 admission