Extracurricular Programs

* Extracurricular Programs is irregular subject which is operated by department in university.
* It can be used for various ways such as compulsory education and online workshop. (Inquiry about Extracurricular Programs : Education Innovation Research Team Ext.8809)

Year Course name Professor Register
2023 2023 Child Maltreatment Prevention Education 김민정, CHOI SO JUNG admission
2023 2023 Winter Social Welfare Practicum Orientation Hwang SookYeon admission
2023 Understanding Korean Laws and Regulations, 2023 Fall Semester IM JIN HEE admission
2023 2023 Training to improve disability awareness in the workpalce 양유라 admission
2023 [총무과] 2023년 직장 내 괴롭힘 예방 교육 An Tae Kyung admission
2023 Extra Curriculum for Enhancing Preservice Early Childhood Teacher’s Care Competencies Lee KyungOk admission
2023 Education for Understanding Korean Laws IM JIN HEE admission
2023 Special Lecture on Employment for International Students : Overseas Employment IM JIN HEE admission
2023 2023 덕성여대 프놈펜 예비세종학당 임현아 admission
2023 2023 Duksung Stepping Stone for Major Selection Choi Jae-Huck admission
2023 [For Global education institute] 2023 Gender Based Violence Prevention Education CHOI SO JUNG, 김민정 admission
2023 2023 summer Language Education Program (English Special Lecture) 김희라 admission
2023 2023 Gender Cognitive Education (Teaching, Early Childhood Education) CHOI SO JUNG, KIM JI WOO, 김민정, Kang su kyoung admission
2023 교육대학원 2023학년도 1학기 성인지 교육 실시 Kang su kyoung admission
2023 2023 Special Lecture on Problem Solving Treatment Workshop in Social Welfare Major Hwang SookYeon admission